Timber is infinitely renewable substance and Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne too. In fact, wood is the world’s most renewable and environmentally friendly raw material. Top Tree Furniture in Melbourne works with the local government who insists on strict annual replanting and enforces policies that are restricting the size and number of trees felled each year. Production waste, such as the residue of logs, wood leftovers, and sawdust are being re-used for other means. The sawdust from the logs is either used as a fuel in the drying ovens or compacted as a basis for palettes. All the leftovers are recycled by using them as a base material, as finger joints for panels.

Awareness in sustainable furniture is continuing to grow as eco-friendly technology like electric cars, and other advanced equipment are becoming the mainstays in our everyday lives. Eco-friendly Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne companies are coming up in response, producing furniture that is sustainable and eco-friendly for the environmentally friendly consumer. But, finding perfect sustainable furniture is not an easy task. You need to educate yourself about the certification, and also you need to know what qualifies the furniture as viable.

The significance of Eco-Friendly Furniture

EPA suggests that indoor air quality is often 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air quality. Given that we spend 80 per cent of our time indoors, purchasing furniture that’s good for the environment and our health that is important. Many people are curious to learn how to find eco-friendly and sustainable furniture, as well as eco-friendly furniture companies.

What exactly means by Eco-Friendly Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne?

Sustainable furniture based on the closed-loop cycle of recycling is known as eco-friendly furniture. The goal of sustainable furniture companies is to craft furniture that can be continually disassembled and then reused again, or that can be used for a lifetime. Most sustainable furniture companies focus on reducing the environmental impact of their items, such as using reclaimed materials or non-toxic furniture stains. The environmental impact of buying eco-friendly furniture is often overlooked. Conventional sofas, beds and other furnishings are major polluters of our homes.

Eco-Friendly Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne has a minimum negative impact on your home’s environment. It preserves the natural timber resources for further future use. Somehow it benefits the society by providing the recycled option. However, you can expect the combination of aesthetic appeal and peerless structural integrity from timber furniture that no other material furniture will reflect. The nature-connected interior design of wooden furniture can transform the mood of the entire house by giving a touch of truly organic sense. If you are looking for the definition of warmth, comfort, and richness, timber furniture is the answer.

What is sustainable Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne?

Sustainable furniture includes a variety of resources, from reclaimed wood to LED lights. The type of material depends on its sustainable classification. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies harvested wood. Sustainable, responsible harvests ensure that the natural ecosystem remains in place and can maintain itself. As a result, the forest continues to grow and produce wood. Tree farms and forests are examples of areas that qualify for certification.

Is Eco-Friendly Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne sustainable enough?

Finding sustainable furniture begins with research. It’s easy for organisations to claim their furniture is green or eco-friendly, but many organisations don’t have certified sustainable furniture materials. Teach yourself about these certifications and what qualifies furniture as sustainable, and you’ll be able to make smart decisions regarding your furniture purchases.

Recycled & Reclaimed Materials for Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne

Some eco-friendly furniture companies use recycled and reclaimed materials, like wood, glass, and iron to create sustainable furniture. Old furniture, homes and other structures often provide the reclaimed items. Companies have even used factory wood scraps or flawed wood pieces for crafting their sustainable furniture. Wood is a popular choice for manufacturers because of its durable nature, even if it’s been mishandled throughout the years. Reclaimed pine, for example, is a popular finish for Cristallo table.

How to test Eco-friendly Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne?

The Rainforest Alliance helps to determine if a piece of furniture uses reclaimed wood or not. It’s a non-profit organisation that provides the Rediscovered Wood Certification that qualifies furniture pieces. Sustainable furniture is also certified as Cradle to Cradle (C2C), which in part states that the furniture can be dismantled. Its parts can be recycled and reused in other furniture. Easy furniture disassembly also allows quick & easy repairs that extend the life of the piece. Furnishings that consist of recyclable materials, like most plastics or metals, help eco-friendly furniture companies by saving them from purchasing additional resources. Recurve is an example of a chair made from recycled aluminium.

Stores dealing with Eco-friendly Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne

You might be wondering how to find an eco-friendly furniture store. You do not have many local brick and mortar options, depending on where you live. Luckily, you’re guaranteed to find sustainable stores and products online. Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC) maintains a database of furniture manufacturers who are geared toward eco-friendly furniture and practices. But, there is one point of concern. As SFC doesn’t have strict standards, like requiring sustainable harvesting, some furniture stores listed aren’t 100 per cent sustainable or eco-friendly.

Custom Made Timber Furniture Melbourne

Custom Made Timber Furniture Melbourne

How does Eco-friendly Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne impact others?

It may seem trivial while you’re browsing the internet to find sustainable furniture, but it relates directly to why you’re looking for eco-friendly and sustainable furniture? You’re thinking about your impact on the world. Buying from eco-friendly furniture stores that pay all of their employees equally supports that company’s commitment but also contributes to your impact on the world and everyone else in it. Similar to asking Eco-friendly Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne companies about their shipping, composition, and design of their goods, it’s important to look into a company’s production and manufacturing practices and standards. Outsourcing is a common topic of discussion when it comes to branded companies. It’s public knowledge that many conglomerates outsource their manufacturing and pay their outsourced employees significantly less. More than 300,000 jobs are outsourced from the U.S. each year, with many companies citing decreased costs as their primary incentive.

Do they, for example, manufacture their furniture in a country that supports and follows the International Bill of Human Rights standard for equal pay for equal work?

What are the advantages of Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne?

Earlier we have discussed lots of things about timber furniture. But as you know no material can create its demand without any advantage. As timber has huge popularity, it has lots of advantages too. Below are some featuring advantage you can get from timber furniture.

Strength: wood is well known for its strength and durability. It is one of the best robust materials and is the perfect choice for those, who want longevity in their furniture. Timber chair, table or desk has innate stability as well as reliability. Therefore Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne is offering excellent value of money. On the other hand, due to its durable nature, it needs low maintenance.

Aesthetic appeal: wooden furniture is the best choice for those, who want to add certain dignity and charm in their room. You will get both the option, i.e. lighter colour wood as well as rich darker hues. It will bring a sense of nature in your home due to its latest range of colour spectrum and also the fascinating patterns of fibres and grains.

Variety: Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne is offering a variety of style and look due to its wide range of colours and tones. You can expect fine and unique craftsmanship on individual timber furniture if you buy it from Top Tree Furniture that has been constructed according to your personal taste.

Sustainability: wood is an ecologically sound way for furnishing a home if it buys from a certified and responsible source. Only then you can expect an excellent option for sustainability. It is eco-friendly because of the comparatively lower amount of carbon footprint produced in its production and processing.

Versatility: Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne is known for its versatility too. It can be a part of your home’s any design scheme. It might be modern or rustic. Also, you can blend different species together to create a tasteful appearance inside your room.

Why should you consider resource furniture?

Take a note; flexible furniture is the future because sustainable and comfortable green furniture will help you to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s a choice that will give more benefits than the environment. It’s time to start your journey with recycling and sustainable furniture.

Look for FSC symbol on Eco-friendly Custom Made Timber Furniture in Melbourne

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a worldwide independent, non-governmental, non-profit organisation that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests. This organisation guarantees that products carrying the FSC label originate from forests that are managed in a way to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. All our products and their child-brand collections have a label with a unique FSC number stating that the products are made from 100% FSC certified wood. Check out for the FSC tag in store to ensure you’re buying into this great initiative for you and the environment.