Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne is highly qualitative. If you want your custom made furniture to stay intact for many years, then the quality of the material needs to be taken into account. Readymade furniture is usually made up of the inferior quality material to make it affordable and suitable. With custom-made furniture, you can get that good quality and trendy furniture you are looking for. So it is essential to look over carefully on solid wood or strong multilayered ply and laminates that can be selected accordingly.

Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne can reflect a lot of things. That means it has produced in such a way to meet your requirements, i.e. you can get exactly what you want. If you have a wide variety of furniture options that don’t fit your space, you can go for the custom built option. No area is too tricky to solve with the help of custom furniture. Our direct relationships with craftsmen make the customising simple, affordable and quick as well. We often get confused to make a decision, whether we should buy ready-made furniture or go for Custom Furniture. If you are not too particular about your furniture and do not have much time to spend on it, then readymade furniture is what you should go with.

The unique range of Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne – Most of us want our home to be equipped & decorated with some unique furniture design. With readymade furniture, you will find more than one piece of the same design. Custom-made furniture is something where one can play around with the design. You can design furniture according to your needs, preferences, and style.

Customising Storage and Size Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne – Custom-made furniture is just perfect if you are looking for storage space in small apartments. You can design them in such a manner so that they maximise on storage. There may be an empty wall or corner of the room where ready-furniture pieces are either small or just too big to fit. These are times when custom-made furniture comes to the rescue. Since you can get them made in any sizes, they just fit perfect anywhere.

The advantages of Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne

As we have discussed the custom built furniture is produced to meet everyone’s requirement. But it is a point that why everyone is choosing custom option over any other choice? Here we will discuss those points. As you know no material can create its demand as well as a market value without any advantages or benefits. As timber is creating enormous popularity or demands these days, that means it has lots of benefits too. Here are some important featuring advantages you can get from timber furniture if you buy it:-

Incredible strength- the main benefits

Wood is well known for its strength and durability. It has high impact strength. It is one of the best robust materials available in the market and is the perfect choice for those, who are looking for longevity or long life span in their furniture. Wooden chair, table, desk or cabinet has inherent stability, sustainability, versatility as well as reliability. Therefore Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne region is offering excellent value of money and standard.

On the other hand, due to its durable nature, it needs low maintenance. You can clean its surface with the help of lukewarm water, and a cloth. Once you clean its surface, you will get that brand new look for years after years.

Beautiful appearance- an aesthetic appeal

Timber furniture is a suitable option for those, who want to add certain dignity, class, and charm in their room inside. You will get both the option, i.e. lighter colour wood as well as rich darker hues, and the choice is yours what you will install. It will bring a sense of nature and natural feel in your home inside due to its latest range of natural colour spectrum and also the fascinating patterns and textures of fibers and grains.


Custom Built Furniture Melbourne

Variety of available options

Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne is offering a variety of style, look and appeal due to its latest range of colours, tones, and texture. You will get an experienced fine and unique craftsmanship on individual timber furniture, just make sure that you are buying it from Top Tree Furniture, a leading furniture manufacturer in Australia, who is constructing every piece of furniture according to your personal taste and requirements.

Sustainability option- the well-demanding part

Solid wooden furniture is an ecologically sound way and economically cost-effective way for furnishing a home; only you need to buy it from a certified, licensed and responsible manufacturer. Only then you can expect an excellent option for sustainability. It is an eco-friendly option too because of the comparatively lower amount of carbon footprint produced in its production and processing.

Versatility- a vast range of application

Custom built furniture is well known for its versatility too. It can be a part of your home’s any design scheme. No matter whether it is modern or rustic. Also, you can blend different species together to create a tasteful appearance inside your room. You can experiment on your interior decoration only if you go with the custom built option.

Things to Keep in Mind for Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne

You need to go one step at a time to get that unique piece done. Have your imagination crystal clear, and follow it diligently. Measure the area accurately where you want to fit the piece. Select a plan. Go through furniture design books & websites to finalise the design and pattern, and check with your carpenter if it is possible. Sometimes you may feel the need to amend the design. Ensure that you are confident in the customising the design before applying it. Keep drawings or printouts of the designs to the artisan, as visual display gives more clarity. Start shopping for the materials needed. Ensure that you choose the right accessories. It is better to check rates from different stores before buying.

Artisans can help you in Converting Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne

Professional Artisans and Carpenters are able to guide you here, as they have gained good knowledge about these by working over the number of years. Now that you have got all the necessary materials and the design in place, it is the job of the carpenter to convert your imagination to reality. Some of you might want to build it yourself. In such cases, having a good knowledge of carpentry is a must. Read online video tutorials that describe well. Doing a small project before going for the big one is a good idea to get things perfect. Keep checking the work as it progresses, as you might have to make a few alterations to enhance look and feel. Make sure your custom-made furniture shapes up to the design plan.

Blending Old and New Wood Furniture for Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne

A question we frequently get asked is, how to match pre-existing wooden furniture with the new? Wood is known for being a timeless material. Of late its popularity, whether it is wood flooring, shelving, walls, or tables, has enhanced over the last few years. It is a design element that is used in more ways than one, even the smallest hints. Depending on the use, this will impact colour, wood species, and a few other details. Take a look at a list of a few suggestions to follow when considering your old and new wood furniture and its cohesion throughout a space.

Rule of three for Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne The safest way to blend furniture is to stick to a maximum of three wood tones in a room. Allow each colour to be distinct, while not being overwhelming. Hopefully, this bit of information has not overwhelmed you but utterly broken down a few “rules” to follow when adding new and old wood furniture together. There’s no perfect science, just a mix of personal style and being informed.

Mix complementary colours instead of matching furniture. If you try to get to match chances are it will end up looking like a mistake. However, if you are specific about your needs & want to have the unique piece and have a decent amount to spend, then Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne is for you.

Custom Bookcases & Cabinets

Design your own storage solution for that perfect fit needs according to your space, large or small. There are many of our most popular storage, and bookcase collections are available with customising options. Choose the materials, dimensions and your ideal mix of inserts: drawers, cabinets, shelving and more and make your living room to make it more elegant.

Mirror on Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne

Create a mirror with self that reflects your style. Choose a shape, finish, and size in wall-hanging or learning designs from our four most popular collections. This helps to place your requirements in one place instead of putting all things in one drawer just like we keep files in our office. We believe that if you can practice these organising tactics at your home, you can keep going to your office too.

If you have additional questions about our furniture and the process, view our website for more information. Contact us today to start designing your Custom Built Furniture in Melbourne and others like Study Furniture in Melbourne or to schedule an appointment with us.