Top Tree Furniture is a reputed designer of Coffee Table Melbourne. A coffee table is a specially made long and low table that is designed to be placed in front of a sofa or upholstered chairs to act as a platform for beverages, magazines, books, decorative objects, and other small items. These tables are used to entertain guests on special occasions like birthday gathering and other similar occasions.

Coffee tables are usually found in the living room or sitting room. They are available in different styles and prices. Coffee tables may also incorporate cabinets or drawers for storage. The most common construction of coffee tables is from wood, but metal coffee tables are also popular.

The Coffee Table Melbourne as designed by Top Tree Furniture is environmentally-friendly and attractive. It features a basic rectangular silhouette and variable natural tones. The products are intrinsically built out of reclaimed elm wood. It has adequate storage space and classic functionality. A coffee table in Melbourne is a symbol of durability and reliability.

The timber used in the making of the Coffee Table Melbourne is recycled elm timber. The tables are hand-made with top-class finishing. The organically sourced timber has natural typical characteristics such as cracks, splits, and imperfections, which are then filled and evened out using square timber fillings. The raw and rustic features are appreciated as part of the look and are not manufacturing defects.

Top Tree Furniture also manufactures Marble made Coffee Table Melbourne. This kind adds elegance to the interior of a room. The Marble stone top panel offers a smooth, lustrous surface. Brushed stainless steel base offers stability and good looks. The design also offers practical surface space to lay down handy objects or to display decorative items and flower arrangements. These products are made from natural stone and thus possesses own characteristics.

In the European continent, the first tables that were designed with certain specifications were known as coffee tables. They appear to have been manufactured in Britain during the late Victorian period.

As per the listing in Victorian Furniture by R W Symonds & B B Whineray and also in The Country Life Book of English Furniture by Edward T Joy, a table designed by E W Godwin in the year 1868 and made in large numbers by W Watt, and Collinson and Lock, is a ‘coffee table’. If this is correct it may be one of the earliest manufactured in Europe. Other sources, however, list it only as ‘table’ so this can be stated categorically. Not a low table at all, this table was about twenty-seven (27) inches high.

Later on, coffee tables were designed as ‘low tables’ and this idea might have come from the ‘Ottoman Empire’, based on the tables in tea gardens. But, as the Anglo-Japanese style became famous in Britain throughout the 1870s & 1880s and low tables were found to be common in Japan, this looks to be an equally likely source for the concept and idea of a long low table.

This humble piece of furniture named as a Coffee Table Melbourne is often forgotten about or considered just an extra piece rather than a necessity. Many homes in Melbourne live without one. These families are those that are missing out on one of the finest and most useful furniture in the home. Designer Coffee Table Melbourne are much more than merely a simple short table to nestle your feet or cup of coffee on.

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