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Custom made Cabinets

At TOPTREE Furniture and Bedding, we assert ourselves as dependable source of high-end, custom made cabinets. We specialize in this craft and we have a diverse knowledge which we use to demonstrate our proficiency. Our team of professional cabinet makers can provide you with first-class products that you would not find anywhere else in the country. The cabinets that they construct are very durable, fully functional and visually gratifying, which are logically what you would be looking for in your new cabinets. We can help you achieve anything you require like no other service can as our goal is to give you the highest degree of customer satisfaction.


We have a team of versatile cabinet makers who can fashion each piece according to your needs. They are skilled in producing custom made cabinets for your bathroom, kitchen and any other areas in your household or office. With their ability to match your taste, you will easily be granted the opportunity to attain cabinet designs exactly as you envision them. They can even make the appropriate touches needed in order to make sure that the cabinets will complement the existing decor and style within your interior.  As they put an enthused mindset towards their work, our professionals also present a friendly attitude to our clients. They will gladly abide by your specifications and perhaps even give ideas that might serve better to your advantage or preference.

Custom furniture manufacturers

We take pride in being your trusted source as the best custom furniture manufacturers who make 100% Australian made furniture for  custom made cabinets. Our specialty in cabinet making is mainly associated with the use of high quality Australian timber such as Pine, Victorian Ash, Jarrah and Blackwood. We are able to turn these into stylishly refined cabinets that you will simply love to have inside your homes. We are mostly known for the best quality custom furniture makers in Pakenham.


We dedicate ourselves and are truly inspired to be in your service. At that, you are guaranteed to benefit from a comprehensive service once you contact us to build your custom made cabinets or any other furniture. With our extensive expertise in cabinet making we can produce any cabinet type while staying true to your specifications. Any shape, style, colour or finish, we will be glad to make it into what you desire to have. After the construction of your custom made cabinet, we will finish the job and install or fit it right where you need.  Ultimately, you will get your money’s worth with a cabinet that is tailored to your taste. We pride ourselves as one of the best custom furniture manufacturers in Melbourne.